An Image Production Company provides digitally enhanced product images to some of the internet’s largest companies. Their production of these images consists of several steps to produce thousands of high quality product images on a daily basis. They currently staff a team of professional graphic designers to ensure that their images are of the highest quality for their customers. The problem that they found was the amount of time being used for image background removal was taking away their team’s time to focus on the details, specs and final quality of the images. Because of this, they needed an on-going outsourcing solution that could take over the image background removal portion of their production process. Also because the solution would interact with their current productions, they required a team that would be able to produce within a very short time frame.



With our large graphics production team, Mindreach was able to provide them a solution to take over their image background removal portion of their production. Also because of Mindreach’s enhanced process and the time zone difference between the two companies, we were able to provide them an on-going solution with 24 hour turnaround times which allows their own production to continuously run. Our image editing takes place during the Image Production Company’s off hours, which allows us to produce a daily completed batch of edited images first thing when they walk into their office, ready for them to continue on with their own production. Since the initial solution was implemented, our relationship with the company has grown to include other image editing areas including retouching, image manipulation, resizing, and color adjustments. It’s estimated to have saved the company an average of $15,000 per month by using our solution.