A direct marketing and advertising firm works with large businesses to manage their promotional sweepstakes contests to help generate consumer sales leads for these businesses. On average, each campaign can generate up to 100,000 sales leads from each sweepstakes slip. The problem the direct marketing firm ran into was the lack of manpower the direct marketing firm had to transcribe each sweepstakes slip into a digitally formatted file, within a very tight deadline. Also because of the periodic nature of their campaigns, the firm was also reluctant to establish a large team internally and be tied down to a permanent payroll.


Mindreach analyzed the direct marketing firm’s situation and created a systemized process which allowed them to use our own staff as an extension of their own business. The process consisted of digital copies of each slip being sent to our production facility in Indonesia. Once arrived in our production facility, our large team of data entry professionals then transcribes each sweepstakes slip into a digitally formatted spreadsheet. Our solution was able to provide them the resources they needed to complete each of their campaigns within a very tight deadline without accruing any fixed payroll cost.