Our Office Environment

Since our doors opened in 2008, we have adopted an office culture and environment that allows our employees to feel more comfortable and enjoy their working experience with Mindreach. Our three-story facility includes sectioned off areas which covers all our different departments, separated meeting rooms, server room, and a kitchen and leisure area for lunch and those needing during-the-day breaks.

Our office and team also uses the latest equipment to keep up with the continuously evolving technology world. From each of our employees personal computers to the fax machines and telephones that we use, we ensure that all equipment are of the most updated specs.

Internet Connection

We have partnered with the countries leading ISP to provide our internet connection. Our connection consist of 3 dedicated fiber optic DSL lines which include 10MB upload and download speed.


Mindreach Consulting only uses the latest technology for our staff. Each one of our employees work on workstations comprised of the minimum following specs:

Processor Workstations

Minimum CPU Intel Pentium 1.80GHz
Minimum 2GB Memory
Minimum Hard drive size 300GB
Minimum 19” Flat screen monitor

Power Generator

Our entire facility is powered by an on-site 10,000 watt backup power generator to ensure continuous production of all our client’s projects.


We use only industry standard software for all our various types of projects. These softwares include:
Windows XP
Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Macromedia Dreamweaver