A start-up consumer electronics internet retailer had just completed the overlay design of their new website and needed a team to help extract product descriptions from various sources and add them to their current inventory of products. The company’s current inventory stock consisted of over 10,000 products and an average of an additional 1,000 products each week. The company relied heavily on Mindreach to research and find the most detailed and appealing product descriptions as this would be used for each of their product’s ad copy and would significantly effect the sales conversion of their products.



Mindreach in-turn provided the company a team to initially complete the research and data extraction of the first 10,000 product descriptions. Mindreach completed the work through various reliable online sources including direct manufacturers and official distributors of the respective products. Mindreach was able to complete the initial batch within 2 weeks from the start of the project. From there, we used a portion of the same team to provide the company an on-going service to help the company fulfill their weekly new product additions. Evidently, the company was extremely pleased that a project that would have taken months to complete on their own, was able to be completed in a matter of a couple weeks. The company has also been quite happy to have found an on-going solution for their product research and product entry needs.