Data entry work can be a very time consuming and costly process to maintain. Most companies just do not have the capability and resources to accomplish this task in a timely and cost affective manner. This is where Mindreach steps in and provides you the necessary support you need to manage your data entry needs. Our years of experience has allowed us to implement the latest technology and techniques to provide you with industry leading quality work and service.
We have managed to maintain a 99.9% accuracy level for all our data entry work.

Mindreach provides quality and reliable data entry services catered for most industries. Our advance methodologies helps us increases productivity levels while maintaining its high quality standards.

Physical to Digital Format Processing
• Sweepstakes
• Surveys
• Loans and Applications
• Legal Documents
• Medical Records

Data Mining & Transfer

• Sales Leads
• Contact Information
• Competitor Information

Data Conversion

• Word
• Excel

Captcha Entry